onsdag 22. april 2009

Selfrid taking a shit

Enter Rönisch piano

Got this piano today,German quality late 1800's.
Going to install a Casio synth in it, and start pushing tangents for Dimmu Borgir.

mandag 20. april 2009

Sykeromsk Anal - MadeInNorway

Max Eta Porsgrrrund Sykeromsk Anal CE (N) M.I.N "ok"

Birdy Nam Nam

Mint condition birdy namm namm found outside my flat.
Click the pick to enlarge your penis...

søndag 19. april 2009

Hanging out with Zweizz

Anarkali by Sweizz's apartment.
Funny name for a clothing store, but they should call it AnalAli instead. On our walk around Grønland Oslo we also found a muslim house, where they show their asses to each other while praying.

Cocaine in the sky!

Images from the porch

Selfrid bored.

Enter Accordion

Picked this up from a flea market in Oslo for 15$, sounds like a donkey with hemorrhoids being ass punished by a Sherpa and the bass tangents doesn't work. My new stage instrument maybe?